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Welcome to my Kitchen!

I’m so happy you’re here. Grab a cocktail, take a seat, and let me introduce myself.

I’m Mike. I’m an Entrepreneur businessman, Engineer, creator of unique spirits, and well-known lover of highballs and cocktails. I’ve been in the kitchen for most of my life. From an early age, I worked my magic creating and distilling great spirits on my homemade stills. I eventually went on to start a local well known distillery. After a decade in the alcohol industry, it was time to hang up my master distiller status and get back to creating homemade extracts. Our most popular extract is the Dill Pickle extract that is designed for Caesar and Bloody Mary cocktails, but is wonderful in food dishes as well. Check out our Recipes pages.

I do my extract creations in my home town of beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia with my fiancee (and number 1 taster), Krista. Of course, our family wouldn’t be complete without our dogs, Abby and Chase. Creating unique flavors has always been a welcome creative release for me (the wonderful smells of a new recipe is a definite bonus!), and I’m blessed I can call it my career. When I’m not in the kitchen, I love boating, hiking with my dogs, vacations at the lake, and experiencing all the exciting firsts with my baby pups, Kona & Dax. Life is good!